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XIII Annual Conference


Theme: "Creating Thinking Schools"


Saturday, 14 February 2015



Galaxy Hotel, NH-8, Sector-15 (II) Gurgaon


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In 1987, CBSE brought out a publication titled, “Freedom to learn and freedom to grow through Sahodaya School Complexes” (SSCs) which characterized “SSCs” as a voluntary association of schools in a given area, who through mutual choices, have agreed to come together for a systematic and system-wide renewal of the total educational process. In other words as “Sahodaya” signifies rising together, it identified six areas, to begin with, for collaboration amongst schools of its complex:

 1. Educative Management

4. Professional Growth of Teachers

 2. Evaluation

5. Value-Oriented School Climate

 3  Human Resource Mobilization

6. Vocationalisation of Education.

Through positive promotional efforts, the Board has helped schools come together and form an interactive and sharing relationship. At present, there are 260 such complexes which are active throughout the country, and share and care for each other; particularly those which are in close physical proximity.

CBSE Sahodaya School Complexes (Gurgaon Chapter) is an executive body of 26 leading schools of Gurgaon. The idea was initiated in February 2000 and by May 2000, the association took a final shape and became active.

The Sahodaya is formed to promote and develop social, cultural and educational development amongst the members. The council strives to- (a) Increase capacity building due to the changing socio-eco scenario of Gurgaon (b) Frequent meetings of schools to galvanize professionalism.

As a part of its annual feature every member school hosts interschool activities to enhance the creativity of the students. CBSE Sahodaya School Complexes (Gurgaon Chapter) activities have thus comprised a Book fair, Science Exhibition, Debates, Health Mela, Sports Meet and such other varied activities, which has immensely contributed in providing a rich educational landscape to the students. All these activities are based on the nine Multiple Intelligences.

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